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ASENSHIA Consumer Practice

ASENSHIA’s Consumer Practice provides comprehensive talent solutions which empowers organizations to address their leadership needs.

Our Consultants have placed CEOs, Regional and Country heads as well as other Sales and Marketing leaders who have had a significant impact on their businesses.

Customer driven demand for connected experiences is profoundly impacting the way we do business. Management needs to thoroughly rethink the structure across their organizations. You can have the best specialists of e-Commerce or Retail merchandisers; you need to get them to work together to provide a seamless shopping journey.

With the vast development of brands’ presence online, competition has become intense. Whether you are a pure digital or traditional retailer, personalizing the customer digital journey and overall online shopping experience has become a key differentiation factor.

From startups making their initial key hires, to mid-sized companies expanding into new markets, or established firms with a need to replace a top executive, ASENSHIA’s Consumer Practice has built a reputation on identifying client needs and bridging them to the right hire.

We specialize in the areas of:

  • Direct Sales/MLM
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail
  • Digital Marketing/Social Media

ASENSHIA, as an Omni-channel specialist Executive Search firm, has a global reach to the talent in each market segment in order to combine and connect the best of all worlds.

About ASENSHIA Consumer:

With offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and the U.S. and research capabilities in Mumbai and Pune we are well-positioned to offer a data-driven executive search platform across the EMEA, North and South America and Asia regions that allows for coverage of the entire market, including services such as market mapping, candidate benchmarking, and executive search.

Job Functions we cover

  • Marketing
  • IT
  • R&D
    & Technical
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Board & General
  • Legal &
  • Sales

ASENSHIA Technology Practice

Part of ASENSHIA Executive Search, the Technology Search Practice provides unique leadership talent solutions that will not only quickly benefit an organization, but also enable meaningful transformation to allow that organization to compete in today’s technology disruptive world.

Our technology recruiters have placed some of the most recognizable Asia-Pacific and Japan executives to lead powerful regional organizations that impact millions of people every day.

ASENSHIA consults both emerging-technology vendors, as well mid-size and large-size vendors.

Technology companies today are experiencing competitive and market challenges as well as fundamental transformation. Our clients are part of the technology landscape and turn to our team to help them face important issues including digital transformation, emerging and converging technologies, disruption, SaaS vs on-premise – and most importantly – identification, recruitment and retention of top leadership talent.

With our key initiatives and specialization, we are well-positioned to meet client needs beyond a traditional mindset to include a talent perspective across key technology industries.

These key initiatives today include:

  • Cloud/SaaS
  • Enterprise Software
  • FinTech
  • RPA/AI
  • Cybersecurity

About ASENSHIA Technology:

With offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and the U.S. and research capabilities in Mumbai and Pune we are well-positioned to offer a data-driven executive search platform across the entire Asia region that allows for coverage of the entire market, including services such as market mapping, candidate benchmarking, and executive search.

Job Functions we cover

  • Technical

Retail, Wholesale & Services

The advancement of technology and rapidly changing social and economic trends are disrupting the consumer shopping habits and the needs of retailers are shifting.

Along with new challenges comes new opportunities for traditional retailers to adapt and extend their business ecosystem to engage their customer at their preferred touchpoint.

Confronted to the arrival of pure digital players, traditional “legacy” retailers have invested massively in their digital future.

To attract and retain consumers business, retailers are needing to adopt innovative omnichannel strategies that will allow companies the agility to thrive in this retail evolution. They will also need a profound transformation of their culture and processes to avoid channel and internal conflicts.

By adapting advanced technologies and integrating flexible operational practices businesses can relevant and expand in a highly competitive and consumer driven environment.

The demand for leaders with the ability to integrate digital and ecommerce strategy as well as the ability to anticipate and respond to changes is high. We work to help you identify and attract the talent your business needs. Our teams experience includes sporting, luxury, health/wellness, and apparel.

AI, Finance & Fintech

AI and Fintech are two of the fastest growing technologies, being rapidly adopted by both start-ups and existing players across a variety of industries. Powered by access to tremendous amounts of data, machine learning solutions are transforming the way businesses operate. The newest generation of AI-driven software robotics are able to tackle increasingly complex tasks – `white-collar` work that has previously been too complex for AI is now being successfully automated.

By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed entirely by artificial intelligence. Recent advancements in AI have evolved the way that online retailers can collect data and, most importantly, how quickly they are able to respond. Whilst the use of AI in E-Commerce is not new, we have barely scratched the surface in witnessing how this kind of technology will shape the future of businesses. As E-Commerce continues to grow and competition becomes increasingly fierce, the implementation of AI in online retailing is set to intensify.

Advancements in AI technology perfectly coincides with the growth and demand that the E-Commerce industry is experiencing. By providing E-Commerce with improved knowledge and understanding of its consumers, the industry will achieve unparalleled efficiency and automation.

Fintech, short for Financial Technology, revolves around companies utilizing blockchain or other emerging technologies to enable new and more dynamic financial services. These new technologies allow firms to deliver a more efficient, consumer-focused experience, and have wide applications across the business world. Developing sectors in Fintech include microloans, online payment systems, and cryptocurrency/other blockchain based tokens.

ASENSHIA has a global network of professionals skilled in the emerging tech space – both in establishing start-ups in their local market, as well as leading existing mid-large size organizations to further success. We have helped our emerging tech clients recruit top talent across functional areas including General Management, Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Customer Support/Success.

Digital and E-Commerce

The increased speed of networks along with the apparition of mobile devices, (Smartphone and Tablets) has supported to development of E-Commerce by touching a larger audience. In recent years, social media, has allowed internet retailers to engage directly with their customers and prospects.

In 2016, retail ecommerce Sales accounted for approximately USD 2300Bn, which is 8.7% of total world retail Sales, this ratio is projected to increase to 15% by early 2020’s.

The urgent need to think digital at every level of an organization has triggered a “war” for Digital talent, particularly in the Marketing area. E-Commerce and Social Media as well as the access to large amounts of data from customers has brought new tools for Marketers and profoundly changed the linear Company-to-Customer approach. Furthermore, together with technology, Marketing is in constant evolution towards the next revolutionary Device, App, or Network.

At ASENSHIA, we understand the disruptive impact of omni-channel strategies brought on by E-Commerce. To attain and remain at the cutting-edge in the highly-competitive Digital Era, your organization needs to acquire the right talent to implement the latest Digital Marketing techniques, that include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Digital Campaign

Content Marketing, Native and Display Advertising, Referral and Affiliate Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC), Digital CRM …

Positions we cover typically include Digital Marketing Managers and Directors, Digital Strategists, Data Analysis and Digital Content specialists to Chief Digital Officers and CTO/CIO’s, we have a solid track record in placing Digital Talent in North and South Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Enterprise Cloud/SaaS

The Cloud/SaaS world is changing fast. In a dynamic and explosive market Strategic Leaders are a competitive advantage.

The demands of enterprise customers continue to transform as new technologies develop and are integrated into our lives at amazing speed.
To succeed in this competitive sector, businesses must look beyond traditional business models. From disruptive start-ups to large multinationals, companies must provide flexible and innovative solutions. This requires innovative and creative leadership.

Asia has 60% of the world’s population, 70% of the world’s city economies (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney, Dubai), and almost every multi-national technology vendor has a presence here. This makes finding top talent a major problem for companies hoping to grow their Asia/Japan business.

ASENSHIA provides a comprehensive solution to this unique problem. With offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and the U.S. – as well as research capabilities globally – ASENSHIA provides unparalleled global search coverage. With over 30 years of combined experience we’ve developed a data-driven methodology for sourcing, identifying and selecting – not just appropriate leadership talent – but the right candidate for the specific job.

Our success-based data-driven search process allows our clients to save time by reviewing a smaller number of resumes and conducting fewer interviews to hire the right leader.

Hire. Right. Now.

North America

Asia Pacific

South America

Europe, Russia and CIS

Direct Selling

Traditionally we distinguish three distribution channels within the Consumer Goods industry: Retail, E-Commerce and Direct Selling. Direct Selling is the oldest of the three and its fast development from the latter part of the 20th century has transformed the channel into a very specific industry that obeys its own rules, language, ethics and regulations.

The Direct Selling industry is worth 183 Billion USD and is represented by more than 100 million people across the world as of 2014.

The definition of Direct Selling from the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) in their annual report 2014 is the most accurate definition of the channel:

“Direct selling is the sale of a product or service based on an explanation or demonstration to the consumer by independent sales representatives who are sometimes also referred to as direct sellers, consultants, distributors or other titles. Direct sales often occur in a one-to-one or small group or party plan environment, typically in the consumer’s home or place of work. Direct sales also may take place in a branded shop or retail location, online via e-commerce or social media, or by subscription/ automatic delivery”

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